Self Healing Process

Spirituality has been increasingly used as a self healing process over the centuries. You can heal yourself through various forms of spiritually motivated self healing techniques.

Can Self Healing Help Me?

Self healing is like a journey where the traveler not only reaches their destination, but also enjoys the fruits of the journey. The process of self healing is an integral part of our spiritual existence, although it is not practiced as much because of several reasons, including lack of awareness and lack of proper resources, such as guide books, teachers, etc.

Our body is capable of healing a wound all by itself and some wounds heal so well that they don’t even leave a scar. Self healing is somewhat similar. The only difference is that spirituality helps us heal ourselves from inside out. Self healing is a not a method, it is a path that we need to follow on a daily basis to achieve the desired results.

Self healing can help anyone who has a desire to lead a healthy life. You can introduce spirituality in your everyday life just like you go about your daily chores. Spirituality forms the ground on which the tree of self healing can grow.

How Can I Learn Self Healing Techniques ?

The more you practice and use your positive energy or intention to hear your inner voice, the more your self healing process will become strong and steady. There are many elements affecting self healing. The forces that exist, and the energy created through these elements govern our emotional, physical, and spiritual existence.

It is difficult for our sense of identity to know exactly which step is healthy for our self healing process. That's why I think it is preferable to ask for the help of an expert, unless you already took several steps to spiritual growth and you are already in deep contact with your inner guidance. Even in this case an expert is always helpful.

The only exercise that you can practice safely is about energy balance. Excess of energy or deficiency of it can lead to emotional disturbance and poor physical health. To maintain the right balance of energy, you can use a self healing technique.

There are several techniques that can be used, and the most important of them is the energy healing technique. This is a self healing process that promotes healing through properly channeling the energy flow and thus correcting any energy disturbances that exist in the "aura" also known as the human energy field. Once the flow of energy in your body is improved, the self healing capacity of your body will also improve.

Do You Recommend Any Techniques?

There are several techniques that can help increase your self-healing capacity. The most important of them is meditation, as it is also the first step that you need to take toward embracing spirituality. Meditation helps in directing awareness toward a particular object and in this case your physical or mental condition. By directing awareness, you can direct positive intention toward the condition and initiate a self healing process.

Meditation will also help you control positive energy and enable polarity healing, where healing energy is transferred from one part of the body to another. There are several breathing exercises that you can practice with meditation, as they will assist in healing the entire body.

The process of self healing is plain and simple and will help you lead a healthy, happy, and peaceful life.

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Spiritual Healing techniques

A powerful help when you feel that medicines are not enough, that you wish for some form of divine help, that you feel overwhelmed by the restlessness of your mind or life.  

Learn what you can get from a healing consultation. If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

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What clients say

I went to Massimo for a healing session in which I experienced calmness and opening of my heart.
All the sadness I had as a child and images from my childhood went by and were gone. An hour treatment went by like ten minutes. In other times I experienced very deep meditations, quietness, yet very alert and awake. Thanks Massimo for helping me get in touch with the healing force within me.

- Liat, Netanya, Israel


Dear Massimo, thanks so much for your healing sessions. So many things changed and improved since the beginning of your treatments. You are very gifted and all you are doing arises from the depth of your heart and the depth of the knowledge you channel. I highly recommend you as a healer.

- Zvi, Tel Aviv, Israel


Good luck: with this single word I can express what I feel to have met Massimo.
I have been knowing him for 10 years and working with him I have done a path to awareness.
He is a good teacher, sincere, honest, which guides you to the truth and peace that our heart desires and can achieve.
- Tiziana, Arezzo, Italy


For me, healing means integrity and the consistency of living my daily life, relationships and job in the way of my true "I".
Massimo has the rare ability to lead people, and therefore me, to
transform obstacles that stand between you and what you want to realize in available energy. He does so with great respect, patience and lack of judgment.
Massimo, thanks for all that I get from you.

- Maria, Udine, Italy

When Massimo gave me healing sessions online, I experienced him as a sensitive and dedicated man who has the gift to sense into deeper layers of the soul and affect them in a gentle and non intruding way. His careful way of approaching the pain in my eyes and the feedback he gave me from his sensitive perceptions helped me to gain trust and confidence in my healing process.

- Norbert, Vienna, Austria