Using Essential Oils To Enhance Meditation

Many have found that the aromas of essential oils can help their meditation technique by contributing to an atmosphere of quiet relaxation and help to facilitate concentration and enhance disengagement from thoughts.

There are a variety of scents that can help with meditation practices. Finding the right one for you will involve some experimentation, however, persevere and you will find that perfect balance of scent that will make your meditation practice both more pleasant and more rewarding.

Most Contributive Essential Oils

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)

Many people who turn to meditation have said that the smell of Patchouli is very grounding. It has been labeled the oil of peace. It does have mild sedative properties and the earthy fragrance certainly helps to quiet the mind and increase concentration during meditation. It has a reputation for decreasing stress and also has been known to decrease anxiety relating to sex. Perhaps that's why its use was so prevalent during the 'Summer of Love' in 1967 when the hippy movement was at its height.


With a mild sweet woody camphor scent, Cedarwood acts wonderfully to focus the mind and clear it of unwanted distractions. The smell of Cedarwood can calm and invigorate at the same time. For practitioners of meditation, it has the reputation as a comforting, grounding scent which strengthens mental resilience and eliminates negative mental states. It also clears the bronchial passageways, assisting in regulating breathing which is so important to calm meditative practice.

Indian spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi)

One of the more complex scents, Indian spikenard is a warm and earthy one. With hints of peat, this bittersweet and woody scent is one of the oldest. It has been used by ancient civilizations as diverse as the Hindu, Hebrew and Egyptian cultures. It relaxes and helps to focus the mind.


It is becoming extremely costly to source real sandalwood due to over harvesting, however, if you can find a reputable supplier of the real one, it is invaluable for meditation purposes. The woody and sweet fragrance soothes and comforts both body and mind. This is an oil that is swiftly becoming worth its weight in gold if you can get the real thing. Its scent is unforgettable and a balm for shattered nerves, as well as being a wonderful aid to relaxation and focus.

Frankincense resin (Boswellia carterii)

Well known from biblical references, there is a reason that this scent was one of the most valued in the ancient world. It fortifies the body and the soul, quiets the mind and spirit and is of great help in meditation. 

Start With a Balanced Blend

If you want to enjoy the benefits of oils for the purposes of meditation, a great place to start is with a balanced meditation blend of essential oils. Here's only one example.

10 drops Frankincense.
10 drops Mandarin (available from health shops).
20 drops Cedarwood.
Five drops Rosewood (available from health shops).
Two drops Vetiver.

Essential oils can be a valuable addition to your meditation practice.

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What clients say

I went to Massimo for a healing session in which I experienced calmness and opening of my heart.
All the sadness I had as a child and images from my childhood went by and were gone. An hour treatment went by like ten minutes. In other times I experienced very deep meditations, quietness, yet very alert and awake. Thanks Massimo for helping me get in touch with the healing force within me.

- Liat, Netanya, Israel


Dear Massimo, thanks so much for your healing sessions. So many things changed and improved since the beginning of your treatments. You are very gifted and all you are doing arises from the depth of your heart and the depth of the knowledge you channel. I highly recommend you as a healer.

- Zvi, Tel Aviv, Israel


Good luck: with this single word I can express what I feel to have met Massimo.
I have been knowing him for 10 years and working with him I have done a path to awareness.
He is a good teacher, sincere, honest, which guides you to the truth and peace that our heart desires and can achieve.
- Tiziana, Arezzo, Italy


For me, healing means integrity and the consistency of living my daily life, relationships and job in the way of my true "I".
Massimo has the rare ability to lead people, and therefore me, to
transform obstacles that stand between you and what you want to realize in available energy. He does so with great respect, patience and lack of judgment.
Massimo, thanks for all that I get from you.

- Maria, Udine, Italy

When Massimo gave me healing sessions online, I experienced him as a sensitive and dedicated man who has the gift to sense into deeper layers of the soul and affect them in a gentle and non intruding way. His careful way of approaching the pain in my eyes and the feedback he gave me from his sensitive perceptions helped me to gain trust and confidence in my healing process.

- Norbert, Vienna, Austria